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Pneumatic connectors for bowden extruder, 1.75 mm filament using 2*4mm Teflon Tube.

PC4-01(1/8 inch screw)

The connector need to fit in the Single/Dual Extruder Bar Mount Chassis Block on one side, to connect the PTFE tube and the Thermal Barrier Tube on the other side.

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Material: Copper Size: aperture 1.75MM, an inner diameter of 5mm, a base outer diameter of 12mm, base height 5mm, overall height: 14mm, knurled groove depth of 1mm, knurled shaft length 8mm, knurled surface length 6mm, 2 x M3 black silk top

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Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)

Maximum Current

5 amps

AC Voltage Rating

125 volts

Maximum DC Voltage

14 volts

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1.Type:Dupont cable 3 pin 

2. Female to female 

3.Cable length 70cm

1M Long 3 Pin 22AWG Red, Black, Yellow.

One end w/ dupont 2.54mm pitch 3P connector

The other end Tined.

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