12864 LCD Display
  • 12864 LCD Display
  • 12864 LCD Display
  • 12864 LCD Display

12864 LCD Display

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Full graphic display controller

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This full graphic Smart Controller Ramps LCD contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 128*64 dot matrix LCD display. You can easily connect it to your Ramps 1.4 board using the "smart adapter" which is included.
After connecting this panel to your Ramps 1.4 you don't need your pc any more, the Smart Controller supplies power for your SD card. Further more all actions like calibration, axes movements can be done by just using the rotary encoder on the Smart Controller. Print your 3D designs without PC, just with a g-code design stored on the SD card.

Product Features:

1. Using a large screen 12864LCD

2. back integrated SD card connector, SD card files into sections, the LCD will be printed, select the corresponding file.

3. The product comes encoder can adjust the parameters, and select the file to print!

4.ramps plug and play on, but the need to modify the firmware to support.

5. Support Chinese fonts, modify Marlin firmware can display Chinese menu, modify the means of their own research, does not provide technical support!


RAMPS LCD12864 kit contains the following:

1.RAMPS LCD12864 Board 1

2.L a patching plate

3.FC cable 2


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