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FlashForge Hunter UV DLP

€4,299.00 €4,499.00

The Flashforge Hunter is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer, which allow user to to a print a 3D model in highly-detail. Photopolymer resin is adopted as a printing material for Hunter DLP 3D printer. As it can 3D print a whole layer of 3D model at one time, the printing time is generally consumed less than that of the SLA 3D printer.

Flashforge Creator 3 - Dual...

€3,130.00 €3,150.00

The Flashforge Creator3 is a huge breakthrough in affordable 3D printers, having independent dual extruders with high speeds and an extended range of compatible materials.

Wanhao Duplicator D8

€1,450.00 €1,650.00


The most affordable DLP/SLA resin printer on the market by one of the industry’s top manufacturers.


With new and updated Hardware

Creality CR-10 S5

€987.05 €1,039.00

Creality CR-10-S5 – 50x50x50 cm is a super large build area 3D printer. Creality is known for its highly reliable and very solid 3D printers. If you need to 3D print parts with a large edge length this large building space 3D printer is perfect. It comes open source. Choose with slicer and filament you want to use. 

DaVinci 1.0 Pro 3 in 1 by XYZ

€849.00 €899.00

The da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1 is our first 3D printer that lets you scan*, print and engrave all in one place! Our most multi-functional printer is suited to hobbyists, designers and small businesses looking to create impressive, personalised prints.

DaVinci 1.0 Pro by XYZ

€709.00 €759.00

Your Printer, Your Way

The da Vinci Pro allows you to adjust the temperature settings for the extruder nozzle and aluminum print bed which makes it compatible with third-party 1.75mm filaments. Select your favorite filament brand for the best 3D printing experience.

Creality CR-20 Pro

€420.75 €495.00

Buy the Creality CR-20 PRO and you can 3D print with a very reliable, easy to use and super precise 3D printer. This machine offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. 

Flashforge Adventurer 3

€419.00 €439.00

Flashforge Adventurer 3 is the latest generation of desktop 3D printers with many innovative features making it a great device for education and your perfect 3D printer for home use. 

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