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    • From our experience we have seen that most of the technical reviews, blogs and product reviews, which are posted on a daily basis on various websites, are adapted to the promotion of “under evaluation” products.

    This is the reason why ALL of the products you will see on our site have been evaluated and tested by our technical department either at our company’s laboratories or at our suppliers ‘or manufacturers’ premises with the presence of our technicians

    Before you buy a product that may be not response to your needs, please contact us to evaluate your requirements and to suggest multiple product selections, as our only purpose is not to sell our products but to guide you with the best possible service.

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    According to our statistics, 92.7% of the cases requiring after-sales support were treated on the same day or within 2 working days, 4.2% from 2 to 7 working days while only 3.1% of the cases, the products were shipped to their manufacturer for inspection and repair.

      • We are committed to the values and objectives of Reprap and Open Source Projects for the dissemination of 3D printing without limitations of intellectual property and we contribute to the international community for this purpose.

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