Quality control

For the development of high quality filaments all stages of production are equally important and require complex quality control. In order to attain this goal, along with the knowledge of the chemical composition of the product, appropriate equipment with the required precision, requires a high-level production area and specialized procedures. Also, a control policy is needed in order to ensure that the product is reliable, safe and with defined characteristics and performance.

As for the filaments, there are four key features that need to be checked and require special procedures:

  1. The melting / thermoplastic point of the material
  2. The moisture content
  3. Hardness 
  4. The measurement error in the diameter of the filament

According to ISO 9001: 2015 a vertical control procedure is applied which fully meets the strictest requirements to ensure that all our filaments have the same properties and the best quality as summarized in the following table:



Evaluation of properties of the materials 

Melting point

ISO 3146:2000


ISO 2039-2:1987

Bond strength 

ISO 17212:2012

Tensile strength

ISO 8656:2004 / 527-1:2012

Compression strength


Color uniformity

l*a*b coordinates


Distribution of raw materials

ISO 23900-3:2015


Drying of the mixture

ISO 9117-5:2012

Extrusion of mixture

Final extrusion stage of mixture

ISO 23900-3:2015

In the quality control standards that mentioned above, 3dedge added some processes and controls in order to ensure the ultimate product quality to the highest industry standards:

Processing of raw materials

Removal of impurities - dust

Multiple centrifugation

Removal of moisture

Stay in a modified atmosphere for 48 hours

Bubble removal

Removal into Class A Vacuum Chamber

Purity evaluation of the raw materials

Spectroscopy UV-VIS

Extrusion cooling

Cooling of filament

Use of nitrogen under overpressure

Collection process

Evaluation of the diameter

High precision shutter ± 0.3mm

Length of the filament

Optical Laser


Accurate weighing of 4 decimal places


Automatic visual recognition - synchronization of turns

Drying of final product

Mixed drying

Storage in vacuum 0.875 atm at 44 ° C for 24 hours


Drying agent for packaging

Silica gel with high moisture absorption

Vacuum packaging

High vacuum (8 degrees)

Paper packaging

Plasticized to remove moisture


Batch marking - production date

Seal of authenticity

Unique serial number for engraving in safety tape