Fireproof ABS Natural 0,5kg Premium Filament 1.75mm

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Fireproof ABS is a material that makes it ideal for use on surfaces that require high temperature resistance.

  1. More resistant to PLA filament.
  2. Fireproof
  3. Long life on your prints.
  4. Available in 1.75mm diameter.





3Dedge Fireproof ABS Premium Quality PLA Filament 1.75mm


High durability, heat resistance, reliability in printing!


50-60 mm/s
0.100 mm
1.2 mm
0.8 mm



Consistency in quality

All plastics typically have low resistance to high temperature sources, so the need for a durable material has led us to develop Fireproof ABS, which is a fireproof material that provides safety in everyday life or used in mechanical parts.


Different from ABS

Fireproof ABS is ABS with impurities so that it does not allow fire to spread and melt the plastic. Fireproof ABS is ideal for use in electrical circuit covers or in any application that is likely to create a flame , and this type of ABS have been used to reduce the rate of shrinkage (warping) when firing the filament.


Quality Control

To achieve high quality production, the right equipment is needed and it must be accurate. Also, chemical knowledge of the formula, a production area with high standards and a quality control policy that ensures the product is reliable and the required characteristics and performance of the end product are as should be- all these are needed and provided. Our laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and a four-point control:

  1. The melting point of the material
  2. The level of moisture
  3. The Hardness
  4. And diameter control with a range of error less than 0.02mm.

All 3Dedge Filaments share the same properties and the best possible quality. 


High Standard Packaging

3Dedge Filament packaging guarantees that the quality of your filament will not be affected in any way. The 3Dedge Filament pack includes:

  1. Silica Gel to absorb moisture
  2. Hermetically sealed membrane
  3. Heavy duty cardboard box to protect your filament and of course
  4. Your filament of choice.

You can also read our guide in our blog on how to store your filaments after you have removed the membrane.

Available in 2 packages: 1kg and 0.5kg

3Dedge Filament consumables are available on our online shop in a variety of colors and great price.


For more information about quality control please click here 


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Data sheet

Filament Diameter
Fireproof ABS
Diameter Tolerance
±0.02 mm
Printing Tempretature
Bed Adhesive
Hairspray, Kapton Tape, glue

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