PLA Carbon Fiber Natural Premium Filament 1.75mm 750gr + 250gr Free

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The PLA is ideal for printing without a heated print surface

  1. Offers matte finish
  2. Excellent mechanical properties and high durability.
  3. The PLA Carbon Fiber filament is available in 1.75mm diameter.

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 3Dedge Carbon Fiber PLA Premium Quality Filament 1.75mm

High strength, high rigidity, print reliability!

40-50 mm/s
0.100 mm
1.2 mm
0.8 mm

Consistency in quality

In 3Dedge our goal is the quality of the materials and their ease of use.

Carbon Fiber PLA is an example of these targets, apart from the proven PLA Pro + quality, it is easy to print with a nozzle temperature of 195 - 220 ° C and a 50 ° C (unnecessary) print surface, like the plain PLA.

Due to carbon fibers, it is recommended to use Nozzle 0.6mm or higher.

Greek innovation

High performance

If you need to print functional parts that need to be durable and low in elasticity, Carbon Fiber PLA is the ideal print material.

Carbon Fiber PLA gives the item high stiffness and durability. Indicatively, it is often used to construct skeletons, supports, protective housings, propellers, tools and generally anything that must be rigid and robust.

Quality control

In order to ensure high production quality, we need appropriate equipment with the requisite precision, knowledge of the product's chemical formula, production area with the necessary specifications, and a control policy that ensures that the product is reliable, with the required features and performances. The 3Dedge Research & Development department has a fully equipped laboratory and the production of PLA Carbon Fiber follows the four-point control:

The melting point of the material

The moisture content


Diameter test with error less than 0.02 mm

Note: Due to high purity in bio-organic virgin raw materials, may occur when under stress or tensile or poor storage (humidity - temperature).

It is recommended to store it in an air tight cloud, protected from dust and moisture and away from air conditioners and other sources of temperature.

For more information, please visit our Blog or contact Customer Service 211 800 3505 (daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Available in 2 packages: 1 kg, 0.5 kg

Packaging with high standards

Choosing the right packaging helps maintain the quality of the filament until the time of printing. The packaging of 3Dedge Filament includes:

Silica Gel for moisture absorption

Airtight sealed membrane

Cardboard box to avoid hitting

3Dedge Filament supplies are available from our store in a wide variety of colors, at the best market price.


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Data sheet

Filament Diameter
Bed Temperature
Printing Materials
Carbon Fiber
Diameter Tolerance
±0.02 mm
Printing Tempretature
Bed Adhesive
Kapton Tape, Glue

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