Anycubic Photon Zero – LCD 3D printer

184,90 με ΦΠΑ

Get the Anycubic Photon Zero as a small handy resin printer with a large build space of 95 x 54 x 150 mm.

Main features Anycubic Photon Zero – LCD 3D printer

  • 16x anti-aliasing – Very detailed printing
  • High precision – Combined with a linear rail
  • Fast FEP replacement – Easy and quick to replace
  • Markings in the resin tank – See with just a quick glance how much resin is left in the tank
Estimated delivery between 4-10 days 2021/09/30
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Anycubic Photon Zero – LCD 3D printer

The new Zero product line from Anycubic offers good 3D printers at an unbeatable price for beginners, so that the initial investment is no longer a barrier to endless creativity!

Main features

  • High precision: A lead screw combined with a linear rail ensures smooth movement of the Z-axis
  • Exposure time test: Print 8 different models with different exposure parameters in just one print, so you can compare and decide which exposure time is best
  • Fast FEP replacement: Easy and quick to replace. Enjoy 3D printing with little effort
  • Improved UV module: Even distribution of UV light and parallel light for quality results.
  • UV cooling system: Cooling device for stable printing performance
  • Photon WorkShop: Fast cutting, hollowing, cutting models and text adjustments. The functions are constantly updated


Anycubic Photon Zero

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg



Construction an Technical Details
Resin Print Technology UV LCD
Resin UV Wavelength 405 nm
Resin UV Light Type UV light with reflector
Resin Display Type LCD
Resin Display resolution X 854 pixel
Resin Display resolution Y 480 pixel
Resin Display Resolution 115,5 µm
Printing Speed Max 30 mm/h (depends on material))
Build Area 97 mm x 54 mm x 150 mm
Build Plate Leveling System manual Leveling
Build Chamber During Process Open or Closed
Installation Space / Requirements
Total Mass 180 mm x 195 mm x 367 mm
Total Weight 4,7 kg
Max Power Consumption 36 W
Voltage AC: 100 V – 240 V, 1 A (50/60 Hz)
DC: 12 V, 3 A
Hepa Filter No
Touch Screen Yes
USB Port Yes
Layer Height 0,01 – 0,2 mm
Shipping Box 260 mm x 250 mm x 490 mm
Shipping Weight 6,1 kg