Bondtech BMG-M & Mosquito Single Extrusion Special

499,90 με ΦΠΑ

This season special from Bondtech offers three free nozzles when buying this single extrusion special kit.

The package includes:

  • 1x Bondtech BMG-M Standard extruder
  • 1x Mosquito hotend
  • 3x Free High Flow RepRap Bondtech CHT nozzles
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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Estimated delivery between 4-10 days 2023/09/27


BMG-M Extruder

The Bondtech BMG-M extruder combines high performance and resolution with low weight. Together with our proven and highly celebrated Dual-Drive technology you can expect problem free material feeding.

Designed for Mosquito

This extruder is optimized for the Mosquito / Mosquito Magnum hotends with and integrated torque lock system to make the interface very strong and makes nozzle changes a breeze.

Mosquito Hotend

The Mosquito is adaptable to virtually any printer, so by swapping one component, you gain the high-performance benefits of a printer worth thousands more. The hotend offers easy swap which means that you can change nozzle with one hand.

Main benefits with the Mosquito hotend:

  • Superior heat break performance
  • Increased structural rigidity
  • Larger temperature operating range
  • Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
  • Ideal for multi-extrusion systems
  • Lightweight

Mosquito is only available for 1.75 mm filament at this time.

Bondtech CHT Nozzle

Get at least 30% more flow from your hotend. Bondtech CHT® nozzles split the filament into 3 thinner strands allowing to melt the material from within. In doing so, the material melts faster and higher flow rates can be used.

The Free Bondtech CHT Nozzles Assortment is as Follows:

  • 2x 0.40 mm
  • 1x 0.60 mm

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