BondTech Nema17 Geared Stepper

49,90 με ΦΠΑ

Nema17 geared stepper with 5.18:1 ratio and a planetary gear reducer.

A 700 mm long PC2510 cable with quick-fit connectors.

For best performance it should be driven with 24V, please adjust your stepperdriver to output max 1.2A

Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Estimated delivery between 4-10 days 2023/12/09


Weight: 406g
Max Input current: 1.2A
Step angle: 1.8 deg.
Gear ratio: 5.18:1
Outputshaft diameter: 8.0 mm
Hole circle for mounting: 28 mm, 4xM3
Motor lenght: 40mm

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