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ARDUINO EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver Stepper motor driver board

Driver IC: A3967

MS1 and MS2 pins used to control the motor segment (2,4,8), the default is 8 segments

Compatible with any voltage wire stepper motor 4,6,8

Adjustable current control 150MA-750MA by adjusting potentiometer.

Power input range of 7-30V, the higher the voltage, the higher torque at high speed


This EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver for the new Sparkfun imported stepping motor drive, its easy to use, and anything that can output 0-5V (3V please short circuit SJ2) pulse signal with the use of equipment. EasyDriver access through 7-30V voltage power supply to the motor, and can drive almost any one of the stepping motor. EasyDriver onboard chip regulator can be set to 3.3V or 5V, you can directly access the 4-wire stepper motor, precise control of the operation of the stepping motor by the microcontroller.



· DIR -> 2 feet connected to the Arduino

· STP -> Arduino connected to 3 feet

Power: GND power supply negative

       M1 is the motor power supply positive

       GND power supply negative

       5+ 5V power supply chip

       A B output port connected to the stepping motor

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