FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer

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AD1 for mass production of channel letters. Less manpower needed.

Estimated delivery between 4-10 days 2021/09/28
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Creating channel letter signs does not have to be time-consuming!  A large 3D printer, like AD1, can print a sturdy, lightweight channel letter sign in just a few hours.Hundreds of channel letters can be printed in two days. Won’t the store owner be happy to see their name in lights sooner rather than later?

Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 Flashforge AD1 https://www.3dprima.com/images/gallery/itempics/Flashforge/AD1_2.jpg

Flashforge AD1


Additional information

Weight 40 kg




Construction an Technical Details
Usable Filament Diameter 1,75 mm
Nozzle Temperatur Max 260 ºC
Open Filament System Yes
Extruder Typ direct drive
Printing Speed Max 80 mm/s (depends on material))
Build Area 600 mm x 600 mm x 70 mm
Build Plate Temp Max 100 ºC
Povrch stavebnej dosky blue tape
Build Plate Material Aluminum plate
Build Plate Attachment fixed
Build Plate Leveling System manual Leveling
Build Chamber During Process open
Extruder Number Of 2
Extruder Construction Typ Dual 1 nozzle, mixed
Installation Space / Requirements
Total Mass 1070 mm x 1140 mm x 610 mm
Total Weight 50,2 kg
Operating Ambient Temperature 10°C – 30°C
Max Power Consumption 1500 W
Voltage AC: 100 V – 230 V (50-60 Hz)
DC: 24 V
Hepa Filter No
Filament Runout Sensor Yes
Power Loss Fail Safe Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Memory Internal Yes, 8 Gbyte
USB Port Yes
Ethernet Port Yes
Cloud Control Yes
Layer Height 0,2 – 0,4 mm
Resolution 0,2 mm
Shipping Box 1170 mm x 1140 mm x 610 mm
Shipping Weight 76 kg