Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro

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Adventurer 3 Pro is a high match version of the Adventurer 3. Adventurer 3 Pro equipped with a glass platform whose surface is smooth and flat, ensures that the model can be removed easily, saving you both time and energy.


  • Fast-Heating Nozzle: Heat to 200 °C within 60 seconds
  • Leveling free: Build plate is well levelled in the factory
  • Filament auto-loading and run-out detection: Auto and smooth feeding, print stops when spool is empty and continues when refilled.
  • Super quiet printing: < 45dB
  • 2.8-inch Touchscreen: Simplifies 3D print operations

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Adventurer 3 Pro

Adventurer 3 Pro equipped with a glass platform whose surface is smooth and flat, ensures the model can be removed easily, save time and energy. Adventurer 3 Pro configured the second generation of upgraded Wi-Fi, supports 3D cloud printing, remote management. Adventurer 3 Pro supports PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF and other materials printing. It is an intelligent 3D printer to meet the home, office, school printing needs.


Unbox to 3D Print
As a fully assembled auto-leveling 3d printer, you can have Adventurer 3 Pro print objects within an hour after the package is received: unbox package, trigger filament autoloading, send 3d printable files, and tap Build on a touchscreen! Then you just wait for 3d models to come to life!


245 & 265 Nozzle Bundle
To ensure great print results on all supported filament types, Adventurer 3 Pro offers two nozzles. The assembled 245 nozzle allows small resistance and great fluidity, perfect for PLA filament printing. When printing with ABS, PC, and PETG materials, simply switch to a 265 nozzle in three steps, simple and quick!




Carbon Silicon Crystal Glass Build Plate

Different from Adventurer 3, AD3 Pro uses a glass build plate. With better flatness, the glass build plate saves your worry for model warping issues on the first layer. Its smooth surface allows you to take off 3d models quickly, causing no damages to models or the build plate.


Filament Auto-Loading

Adventurer 3 Pro uses the same filament loading technology as Adventurer 3. Simply put the filament end in the inlet, then trigger the filament feeding on a touchscreen. Feeding starts automatically. Similarly, 3d print stops when the filament is running out.


Cloud Printing
Use FlashCloud and PolarCloud for efficient clouding 3d printing. Take FlashCloud for example, it offers free storage, 3d printable files share & download. It also allows you to monitor print progress via a built-in camera, and control multiple 3d printers simultaneously.


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