Flashforge Guider IIS Nozzle and Gear Set

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Set of five different nozzles and an feeding gear for the Flashforge Guider IIS.

With large building volume and multiple nozzle diameter options, Guider IIs can meet diversity printing demands of high strength and conventional filaments in offices, schools and industries.
Adopting air filtration system, it is safer and more environmental-friendly that Guider IIs is your prior choice to improve production and manufacturing efficiency.

The set contains four Brass Nozzles of different sizes (0,3 mm, 0,4 mm, 0,6 mm and 0,8 mm), one Hardened Steel Nozzle (0,4 mm) and a Hardened Steel Feeding Gear.


This set will only fit Guider IIS equiped with High-Temperature Extruder.

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