Flashforge Hunter

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The Flashforge Hunter is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer. You can manufacture 3D models in highly-detail with the Hunter. It can manufacture with most common DLP resins. DLP 3D printers cure liquid resin layer by layer. They use a UV light source to polymerize resin. This 3D printing process is faster than SLA 3D printing.
Main product features:

  • Fast production speed using DLP technology
  • Very high-resolution 3D printing results
  • Optimized DLP projector to meet your requirements
  • Runs very smooth and silent

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Flasforge Hunter – High-resolution & excellent details DLP 3D printer

The Flashforge Hunter is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer, which allows users to 3D print objects in highly-detail. Hunter uses DLP photopolymer resin for additive manufacturing. Realize high-quality detailed components with good surfaces. As DLP 3D printers process a whole layer of a 3D model at one time, the production time is less than of SLA 3D printing jobs. Flashforge Hunter operates at high manufacturing speed and realizes excellent details. Use the Hunter if you like to realize excellent details.

The essential features:

  • Fast production speed by using DLP technology
  • Very high-resolution 3D printing results
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Third-party resin compatibility enables use of third-party DLP materials (resins)
  • Optimized DLP projector to meet your requirements
  • Runs very smooth and silent


Flashforge ​Hunter DLP 3D printer is compatible to 3rd party DLP resins. Now you have more flexibility to try several types of resin. Use castable resin, tough resin, biocompatible resin and other high-tech photopolymers for additive manufacturing. Therefore, ​the Hunter DLP 3D printer is your choice if you want to 3D print highly detailed engineering prototypes, castable ring models, or even making medical model. Realize parts with strong durability and nice surfaces.


Flashforge Hunter DLP 3D printer uses a self-developed Full HD 1080p resolution light engine. This ensures more stable LED intensity and better 3D printing quality. The Hunter DLP adopts Flashforges self-developed light engine. The light projector is adjusted to a particular wavelength (405nm LED) for 3D printing. Optimized polymerization wavelength fits the DLP 3D printing process best. Profit of an improved additive manufacturing quality.


lndustrial-grade Z axis linear guide actuator module enables an accuracy of up to 20 microns. Achieve a smoother 3D printing surface.


Easily remove resin VAT for changing of materials to ensure little material waste. This durable aluminum resin vat requires minimal maintenance. Simply replace the long lasting FEP vat film in brief time. To exchange the resin VAT you only need to loosen two hand screws.


The serrated build plate can be replaced quickly and there is no need for calibration. That means faster 3D printing speed and easier to do post treatment. Hunters build plate is very solid.


Simple and intuitive user interface that is super easy to use. Start your 3D print with a few finger tips. Via the touch screen you can navigate through the easy to use user interface.


Advanced architecture mainboard and self-developed proprietary light engine work together perfectly. Dual-core 800 MHz ARM processor ensures high-performance and better user experience. The mainboard is designed and made in 10-layer high precision board, safeguarding EMC, the integrity and the stability of the projection signal.


With the Flashforge Hunter you can 3D print without disturbing noises. The system works very smooth and silent. You can hardly hear this 3D printer working. The closed building chamber reduces noises further.

Buy the amazing 3D printer Flasforge Hunter to additive manufacture high-resolution with DLP resins.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg



Construction an Technical Details
Resin Print Technology DLP
Resin UV Wavelength 405 nm
Resin UV Light Type UV-Projektor
Resin Display Type no display
Resin Display resolution X 1920 pixel
Resin Display resolution Y 1080 pixel
Resin Display Resolution 62,5 µm
Printing Speed Max 10 mm/h (depends on material))
Build Area 120 mm x 67,5 mm x 150 mm
Build Chamber During Process Open or Closed
Installation Space / Requirements
Total Mass 360 mm x 310 mm x 565 mm
Total Weight 17,8 kg
Operating Ambient Temperature 15°C – 30°C
Max Power Consumption 65 W
Voltage AC: 100 V – 240 V (47-63 Hz)
Hepa Filter Option
Touch Screen Yes
USB Port Yes
Layer Height 0,025 – 0,05 mm