Taulman Nylon 230 – 1.75 mm – 1 kg – Black

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Process this wonderful nylon filament on your 3D printer at a low temperature of 230°C.

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Taulman Nylon 230 – Filament for your FFF / FDM 3D printer

Nylon 230 is the first nylon filament to be processed at 230°C or less. This is a lower temperature than any other nylon filament for your FFF/FDM-3D printer. With the release of Nylon 230 from Taulman3D, you can now process nylon on your low temperature PLA or ABS 3D printer. Add high-strength nylon to your list of processable materials. In addition, Nylon 230 adheres to BlueTape (painter’s adhesive tape) and even better to “buildTak” type surfaces and various PVA glues / glue sticks.

Material properties:

  • 3D print at 230 ° C
  • Nylon 230 adheres to BlueTape
  • Uses built-in for best adhesion
  • Adheres to PVA glues / glue sticks

Buy Taulman Nylon 230 if you are looking for a strong and reliable filament for your FFF / FDM-3D printer.

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Weight 1,2 kg

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