Vivedino Formbot T-Rex 3.0 – Dual Extruder Idex – 400x400x500mm

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This high-temperature dual-extruder 3D printer comes with Optional laser engraver (sold separate). Manufacture massive building size of 400 x 400 x 500 mm. Furthermore, you can engrave wood, plastics or paper with the Formbot T-Rex 2+ 500.
Main product features:

  • Wide functionality & high quality (3D print & optional laser engraver)
  • Auto bed leveling system
  • Large build size: 400 x 400 x 500 mm
  • Independent dual extruder (IDEX)

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Formbot T-Rex 3.0 – 500 ­– High-temperature dual-extruder 3D printer with optional laser engraver

The T-Rex 3.0 – 500 is a large format 3D printer with independent dual extruder system (IDEX). Simply use this 3D printer for additive manufacturing of large objects. This 3D printer comes with a massive build size of 400 x 400 x 500 mm. Realize large and complex parts with support structure. This wonderful machine includes the ability to engrave woodplasticspaper and other materials. Furthermore, it includes a lot of smart features – as its automatic nozzle cleaning. Buy the T-Rex 3.0 – 500 to get a dual extruder 3D printer and a laser engraver.

Wide functionality & high quality

This amazing additive manufacturing machine impresses with its wide functionality and a superior quality. Let your creativity run wild, realize your ideas and get physical objects that will impress you. This T-Rex 3.0 – 500 3D printer only costs a small proportion of prices machines with this variety of features usually cost.

Auto bed leveling system

Auto bed leveling system with probe that measures 225 points. This ensures a leveled bed and good and precise first layers.

Formbot T-Rex 3.0 – 500 features:

  • High Temp Extruder
  • Keenovo AC Heating Pad with SSR
  • Sold as add-on Laser engraver
  • A lot of smart functionality

High-temperature dual-extruder 3D printer with optional laser engraver:

  • Large build size: 400 x 400 x 500 mm
  • Independent dual extruder (IDEX): Possibility of 3D printing 2 materials at a time or 2 identical objects simultaneously
  • Extruder wiping system: This avoids messy layers – at the beginning of a 3D print, the extruders are automatically wiped.
  • Auto-leveling: No need for time-consuming manual bed leveling.
  • High-temperature extruder (included): For 3D printing PEEK, nylon and other filaments that require high temperatures to be 3D printed.
  • Laser engraver (optional – sold as add-on): Capable of engraving wood, fabrics and other materials.
  • Built with high quality components like TMC2208 Stepper Drivers
  • Stable and sturdy frame with thick linear rail and bearings
  • Industrial ball screws to ensure amazing z accuracy

Buy the Formbot T-Rex 3.0 – 500 high-temperature dual-extruder 3D printer to get an additive manufacturing machine with a massive build space and an optional (sold as add on) laser engraver.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg




Construction an Technical Details
Usable Nozzle Typs RepRap M6 1,75mm
Usable Filament Diameter 1,75 mm
Nozzle Temperatur Max 330℃ ºC
Open Filament System Yes
Extruder Typ direct drive
Printing Speed Max 100 mm/s (depends on material))
Build Area 400 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm
Dual Build Area 400 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm
Build Plate Temp Max 120 ºC
Povrch stavebnej dosky PEI
Build Plate Material Aluminum plate
Build Plate Attachment fixed
Build Plate Leveling System BL-Touch
Build Chamber During Process open
Extruder Number Of 2
Extruder Construction Typ Dual IDEX – Independent Dual Extruders
Installation Space / Requirements
Total Mass 1030 mm x 700 mm x 750 mm
Total Weight 25 kg
Operating Ambient Temperature 0°C – 60°C
Max Power Consumption 1150 W
Voltage AC: 110 V / 230 V (50 Hz)
Hepa Filter No
Filament Runout Sensor Yes
Touch Screen No
SD Card Yes, SD-Card
USB Port Yes
Layer Height 0,05 – 0,3 mm
Resolution 0,011 mm
Shipping Box 710 mm x 770 mm x 280 mm
Shipping Weight 26 kg