xTool M1 10W – Desktop Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutting Machine

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xTool M1: World’s First Desktop Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutting Machine


The Versatile Desktop Cutter and Engraver for Everyone – Innovative | Powerful | Easy to Use | Affordable


The xTool M1 is a laser cutter, laser engraver, and blade cutter, all integrated into one desktop machine that is remarkably safe and easy to use. Whether for the crafter, the geek, the home user, the amateur or the professional, the xTool M1 can help you create more than you imagine.

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Normally, a laser cutter can perform very well on many materials such as wood, metal and glass. However, for some soft materials such as vinyl, which can be used for DIY T-shirts, sign making, logos and more, a blade cutter is preferable to avoid the burnt edge, discoloration and toxic fumes generated by laser cutting.

What You Can Create with xTool M1

Small, Powerful and Accurate

Powerful Enough to Cut Basswood up to 8mm in One Pass

Smart and Easy to Use

16 MP Smart Camera

Equipped with a 16MP high resolution camera inside, xTool M1 can realize visual processing and smooth operation.

Image Extraction

xTool M1 intelligently captures images, designs, and drawings from any surface and then imports them into xTool’s graphic design software for further creative design.

Batch Processing

The AI system automatically detects the shape of the material and processes the same shape of the material in batches at one time.

AI Auto-focus

xTool M1 initiates auto-focusing, including visual identification, material thickness settings and material recognition so you don’t have to set the cutting parameters by yourself.

Official Live Demo of xTool M1

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