XYZprinting MultiCure180 Curing Chamber

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Professional Finishing Touch
Powerful UV post-curing solution for professionals. MultiCure180 is engineered to optimize the mechanical properties of a wide range of resin materials.
Powerful Post Curing Solution
A powerful machine that cures prints made by most of the resin 3D printers in the market including XYZprinting resins. Adjustable wavelength settings and presets let you customize curing programs to suit your resin materials.
Achieve Optimal Performance
UV LED 355 to 425 nm
Wider wavelength range for curing prints made by a wide range of resin materials.
Optimal Curing Temperature
Chamber heats up and maintains a temperature of about 60 °C, optimizing curing efficiency for most resin materials
180 mm x 200 mm (diameter x height)
Large curing space on a compact and sleek machine that fits almost anywhere.
1 Rotation Per Minute
Rotating turntable and inner mirrors ensure that prints are cured evenly and efficiently.
Intuitive Control Panel
Only takes a few simple steps to start the curing process and MultiCure180 will do the rest.
Advantages of UV LED Curing
Unlike some traditional UV lamps, MultiCure180 cures prints with UV LEDs and uses no mercury. It’s both safe and environmentally friendly. LEDs also consume less power and have longer lifespans. With proper care, it’s a machine that will last a long time.
Hassle-Free Operation with XYZcure
A software application designed for MultiCure180, XYZcure lets you adjust settings like UV wavelength, curing time, and power levels on your PC. Its intuitive dashboard will guide you seamlessly from start to finish.

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