XYZprinting UV Castable Resin Castable 2 x 500 ml Bottles (Orange)

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Castable Resin
XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A castable light-cured resin material is produced with special recipe. The printed product features delicate and smooth texture, and castable on the fly. It is ideal for making prototype for jewelry accessory, arts and crafts design application. Time-consuming manual wax-sculpture remains in history. The product meets the client’s requirement of jewelry prototype, while allowing communication and design editing to shorten manufacture procedure. Easily realizes ideas into delicate products in a blink of an eye.

High precision and resolution, re-produce every detail.
Output every detailed design precisely. The surface of the printed product is smooth and castable directly without going through special surface treatments. The color of resin is opaque orange. Present more clever details with outstanding precision.Read more here

Extremely Low coefficient of thermal expansion leads to stable results.
Thanks to extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, the resin will not easily expand and break the plaster mold when casting. The casting result will feature perfectly smooth surface.

Ashless surface with adequately smooth appearance
The surface remains ashless when casting, and there are no holes on plaster mold. Molding result features smooth surface, along with high success rate in molding.

Use a seperate resin tank. Do not mix it with other resin materials.
The printing parameter of castable resin is different from other resin, and will bring negative effect to printing quality if mixed with other kinds of resin. Prepare a separate and clean resin tank when using this resin. Do not mix it with other kinds of resin.

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg


1000 ml ( 1 liter )


Recommended Storage Temperature 10-32°C. Do not store it in the environment over 60°C
Operating Temperature 20-30°C
Consumable Net Weight 500g per can. This package contains 2 cans, 1000g in total


Safety Notice

1. Do not heat up the product. Light-cured resin releases gas when heating up, causing harm to personnel.
2. Place the resin in a ventilated environment, and keep it away from children.
3. Avoid contact uncured resin with skin and eye. Immediately rinse with clear water when accidently contacted.
4. Before discarding the used light-cured resin liquid, place it under the sun and make it cured. Do not pour it into the sewer.
5. The uncured resin part on product surface needs to be cleansed with alcohol after the product has been printed.

Note 1
To print with Castable Resin, make sure the printer firmware and the printing software “XYZware_Nobel” is up to date.
Nobel 1.0A firmware version: or later
XYZware_Nobel: or later

Note 2
For the best printing performance, resin should be used up within 3 months after purchasing.