Zortrax UV Resin – Tough – 1 kg – White

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A versatile and durable resin for professionals and hobbyists. It offers very low shrinkage and smooth surfaces, which are perfect for assembling parts.

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Zortrax Resin Tough is an ABS-like photopolymer resin with distinctive properties targeted at both professionals and hobbyists. It allows users to produce models with smooth surfaces and sharp details, which is crucial when assembling multiple items into one object. Thanks to the resin’s low shrinkage, separate elements of movable parts, functional prototypes, or action figurines match each other perfectly.

The material also fits into applications that require good durability and impact resistance, for example, in end-use products or casings. 3D prints don’t break easily under loads. In addition, Resin Tough White shows improved resistance to yellowing, whereas Resin Tough Grey is highly scratch-proof. Ready prints can be post-processed in a standard procedure involving an IPA bath and UV curing. Resin Tough has no pungent odor.


  • end-use products,
  • functional prototypes,
  • engineering prototypes,
  • jigs and fixtures,
  • elements of tools,
  • products’ casing,
  • artistic projects,
  • action figurines/toys,
  • movable parts.

MECHANICAL PULLEY. Fully functional mechanical parts printed with Zortrax Resin Tough can be implemented in devices such as FDM 3D printers.


Zortrax Resin Tough is a versatile material for engineers, product developers, artists, and hobbyists. It is suitable for projects that involve modeling and specific industrial uses.


Models 3D printed with Zortrax Resin Tough are tough and impact-resistant, so the material can be successfully applied for end-use products or prototypes that require reinforced durability.

Assembled parts

The resin’s low shrinkage allows makers to assemble multiple elements into one model. The printed parts match each other with ease.

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg


1000 ml ( 1 liter )


Dedicated for Container Netto Weight Wavelenght
Zortrax Inkspire bottle 1000 g ± 5% 405 nm
Key Properties Metric Imperial Test Metod
Shore Hardness (D) 86 86 ASTM:D2240-05
Izod Impact, Notched 58.1 J/m 1.09 ft-lb/in ASTM:D256-10
Elongation at Break 13.9% 13.9% ASTM:D638-14