Zortrax Z-PLA filament – 1,75mm – 800g – White

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Smooth and Detailed

A highly precise filament that can 3D print extremely complex objects with smooth surfaces. The material’s biodegradability makes it perfect for environmentally conscious users.

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Biodegradable and Precise Filament

Z-PLA plastic material offers exceptional precision for 3D printing complex models. This biodegradable 3D printing filament is made of environment-friendly components. With almost no shrinkage, Z-PLA guarantees high-quality details and exceptionally smooth surfaces.

Main Features:

  • High detail 3D printing
  • Smooth surface
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Low shrinkage

PLA (polylactic acid) – >98%
Additives and colorants – 0 ~ 2%


  • High-quality parts
  • Architecture mock-ups
  • Detailed conceptual models
  • Educational models
  • Consumer goods
  • Models required to be biodegradable

Additional information

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Dedicated for Container Weight Diameter Extrusion
Zortrax Inventure spool 800 g ±5% 1.75 mm Single / Dual with Z-SUPPORT Premium
Zortrax M200 Plus Single
Zortrax M300 Plus 2000 g ±5%
Zortrax M300 Dual Single / Dual with Z-SUPPORT Premium
Key Properties Metric Imperial Test Method
Tensile Strength 47.95 MPa 6950 psi ISO 527:1998
Bending Stress 56.80 MPa 8240 psi ISO 178:2011
Glass Transition Temperature 57.06°C 135°F ISO 11357-3:2014