Zortrax Z-ULTRAT Plus for M300 Dual – 1.75mm – 2 kg – Black

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Durable and Precise

A highly durable 3D printing filament perfect for impact resistant end-use parts and complex prototypes. Works with Z-SUPPORT Plus, a high-temperature PVA support material, to guarantee precise and durable 3D prints.

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Z-ULTRAT Plus is a highly resilient ABS-based 3D printing filament. It’s perfect for functional prototypes or 3D printing complex moving mechanisms in one go. No matter the purpose, objects created with Z-ULTRAT Plus remain dependable thorough time. What’s more, this 3D printing material is unaffected by high temperatures and impacts. Its exceptional resilience allows for demanding tests conducted in adverse environments. The filament is also suitable for creating durable end-use parts for automotive industry and engineering purposes. Improved adhesion between layers reinforces 3D printed parts.

Combined with a water-soluble Z-SUPPORT Premium filament, Z-ULTRAT Plus is a reliable solution for 3D printing intricate, hollow objects. Dissolvable support structures allow stacking batches of parts on top of each other. This feature provides a fitting solution for cost-effective short-run production. Based on ABS, the material can withstand post-processing with acetone and mechanical treatment. Z-ULTRAT Plus 3D printing material is securely locked in a cartridge to ensure the highest quality of every print.


  • industrial prototyping
  • intricate constructions made of multiple elements
  • complex moving mechanisms
  • detailed architectural mock-ups
  • small elements rich in details
  • hollow end-use parts
  • models with complicated organic shapes, difficult to obtain by traditional methods
HEATER VALVE. Prototype of a heater valve 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT Plus. Improved durability allows for thorough testing in real conditions

High durability

Z-ULTRAT Plus is exceptionally resistant to impacts and has improved interlayer adhesion when compared to standard ABS. The filament provides 3D printed end-use parts with unyielding durability.

High-detail 3D printing

Z-ULTRAT Plus filament is perfect for 3D printing small, complex working mechanisms and intricate prototypes due to its dimensional accuracy and superior surface quality.

Works with Z-SUPPORT Premium

Although Z-ULTRAT Plus is based on ABS, its composition have been altered to allow simultaneous 3D printing with water-soluble PVA-based Z-SUPPORT Premium filament.

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Weight 2,2 kg

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Key Properties Metric Imperial Test Method
Flexural Modulus 1.51 GPa 219 ksi ISO 178:2011
Breaking Stress 31.32 MPa 4540 psi ISO 527:1998
Glass Transition Temperature 70.19oC 158oF ISO 11357-3:2014